Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 Sewing projects to add to your list!

Here are 5 projects to add to you spring sewing to-do list!
  1. Shirred Border Dress at Me Sew Crazy

Don't you love this dress?? Jessica is also sharing many other great tutorials from her daughters spring waredrobes. She is pretty much awesome!

2. The Cupcake Skirt at Simple Simon & Company

I think that this might be my daughtes Easter skirt. I LOVE all those ruffles!

3. Altering Baby Clothes-Long Sleeve to Short at Make it and Love it

I could have used this last week before I sold all the out of season clothes with tags on them at my garage sale! I never knew it would be so easy!

4. Argyle Polo at Shwin&Shwin

Love this to dress up a plain polo!

5. Baby Doll Accessories at 2 little hooligans

My daughter would die if she saw these! And it would save her brothers diapers from ending up on her baby dolls!

There you have it!

This is my first post where I have linked to other blogs! I hope I have observed all the unwritten rules of posting. If I didn't please tell me so I can correct it!

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  1. Congrats on the new blog! I am sure you will love it :)