Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easy Projects to Update your Clothes

Today I am going to share with you some tutorials that help you update you and your family's clothes! I know sometimes its hard to buy new stuff. These will help you make old things new!

This is so cute! The possibilities are endless with this simple stitch!

Turn Pants into Shorts with kojodesigns

I have this daughter is long and skinny. So this year she has grown too tall for her pants but they still fit her in the waist. I already started a pile of pants to shorten!

Fancy up a tank top with Peanut to Princess

You could really do this to any top!

Turn a shirt into a dress with verus guest blogger The Cottage Mama

I love this!

Dress up a t-shirt with A girl and a girl gun

This is so easy and makes a huge difference to a t-shirt! Plus she is super funny to read!

So excited to try some of these! I am planning a post to show you all the things I or pass! Should be pretty fun. Have a happy Tuesday!!

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